Flash Removals Ltd. offers a good selection of services for junk removals or removals in general. You can pick from our great services like Domestic or Commercial removals. If you are interested please go to our booking page or simply ring our phone line and order your service today

removal expertDomestic Removals :

Our domestic removals include a full package of a van and one worker (you can always request more workers when booking us for an additional cost).The service includes removing all junk you have a pointed for removal as well as more garbage you need to be removed at the time. We also offer free boxes at request. We recommend that if you have a small amount of junk that you package it yourself so the process will be faster and easier for us and for you!

Commercial Removals :

Our commercial removal gives you a top level service, by including a large van as well as one removal worker (you can always book more than one person for an additional fee).When the truck arrives with the staff they will start packaging or move the junk you have a pointed. The workers will work as fast as they can so that the junk isn't obstructing your place of business or living.

Benefits of our services :

  • Payment on completion of the service with no deposit requirements
  • Saving you money for fines from the council
  • Hassle-free service
  • London and Greater London coverage

Don't hesitate to book us!We offer a complete selection of removal plans as well as pre-made packages. If you are interested in booking us please head on over to our booking page on our web page or simply contact us trough our phone number and don't forget to ask about our multiple services discounts!